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We sell Iron Ore

Minerals Trading International Ltd are sellers of iron ore from East Africa. Contact our office in Reading to find out our current prices.

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Iron Ore

Competitive prices 

Here at Minerals Trading International Ltd we both buy and sell iron ore. We are based in Reading, welcoming clients from a wide range of industries across our local areas. If you are looking to buy or sell iron ore at great prices, why not get in touch with our team today?

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Our Iron Ore

Quality Iron Ore

Minerals Trading International Ltd has iron ore sourced from Kenya. We are currently expecting a bulk shipment that has already left the port of Mombasa. Many locations in Kenya are known for having high iron content of 70+, so you can be assured of a quality product.

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We sell iron ore

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Quality iron ore

The iron ore we sell is excellent quality, suitable for a wide variety of projects and available in any amount.

About iron ore

Iron ore is a raw material which is the main component of pig iron. Around 98% of mined iron ore is used to make steel.

Get in touch

Whether you are looking to buy or sell iron ore, get in touch with Reading based Minerals Trading International Ltd today.

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Contact our team

If you are looking to buy iron ore for your company, then order it from a trusted company like Minerals Trading International in Reading. Get in touch with us by email or give our team a call today.

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