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Manganese Ore

Minerals Trading International Ltd supply manganese ore to businesses across the EU, India & China. Contact our Reading office for further information

Manganese Ore: Welcome

East African manganese

Working with the local mining industry

With strong connections to local mining businesses in East Africa, Minerals Trading International have access to large quantities of manganese ore. This enables us to provide your business with a reliable supply at competitive rates. We are committed to working with the local miners to conduct our business ethically, and we are proud of our reputation as a reliable trader in manganese ore. If you require supplies of manganese, please contact our office today.

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A versatile element

Used in a huge range of products and industries

From batteries to pet food, manganese is a versatile element with an extensive list of uses that encompasses many different industries. We can supply the right grade of manganese ore for your business, and in the quantities you need. We are competitively priced and, thanks to our decades of experience in international trading, we are able to ensure your manganese ore supplies arrive exactly when they’re supposed to. To discuss your requirements and how we can help, contact our Reading, UK, office today.

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Manganese Ore: About Us

Manganese ore supplies for a range of uses

Whatever your business needs manganese ore for, we can supply it

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Metal ores

Used in the production of steel to increase hardness and prevent rusting, manganese is an essential resource for the iron and steel industry. We can supply large quantities of manganese ore for your business.

Manganese dioxide

Manganese oxide is combined with zinc and other elements in the production of the dry cell batteries that are so ubiquitous in modern society. If you require manganese oxide, contact Minerals Trading International today.

Chemical ore

As a chemical ore, manganese is used in products as diverse as glass and pet food. Whatever industry you’re in, if you need manganese for your production process, we can provide it. Contact us to let us know what you need.

Manganese Ore: Services

Get in touch

For reliable manganese ore supplies at competitive rates, contact the Reading office of Minerals Trading International Ltd today.

+44 (0)7578 711507
+44 (0)118 947 8899

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