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We sell Quartz Ore

Minerals Trading International Ltd is based in Reading.

Get in touch today to see our latest Quartz Ore prices. 

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Quartz Ore

Competitive prices 

Here at Minerals Trading International Ltd we sell Quartz Ore. Our established company is based in Reading UK, welcoming clients from a wide range of industries across the UK and across the World. If you are looking to buy Quartz Ore at great prices, get in touch with our team for the latest prices and a competitive quotation.

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Quartz Ore

For your next project

Minerals Trading International Ltd imports quart-ore from Africa, which is available for a wide range of uses. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of this valuable raw materials, just give our team in Reading UK a call.

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We sell quartz ore

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Quality quartz ore

The quartz ore Minerals Trading International Ltd sells is great quality, suitable for a wide variety of projects and available in any amount you require.

About quartz ore

Quartz-ore is a very useful raw material used in many industries from glassmaking through to the refractory industry. We import high grade quartz ore from our contacts in Africa.

Contact us

Whether you are looking to buy or sell quartz ore, get in touch with Reading based Minerals Trading International Ltd today to discuss your requirements and check our prices.

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Get a quotation

If you are looking to order quartz ore for your company, then order it from a reliable supplier like Minerals Trading International in Reading. Get in touch with us by email or give our team a call today.

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