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Lead Ore

A material that's well-known for its dense weight and malleable properties, learn more about the uses of lead and the supply from Minerals Trading International Ltd. Based in Reading, we provide materials to clients across the UK.

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Helping your production line

Minerals Trading International Ltd is committed to supplying the materials you need

Lead metal has a low melting temperature making it easy to cast into different shapes for different uses such as counterweight, electric terminals, car batteries and the screening of x-ray, gamma and other harmful rays. Lead sheeting is invaluable in various settings such as hospitals, nuclear power plants, and is even commonly used by the defence industry. With so many uses, our goal is to provide you with a reliable supply of this element, meeting your demand needs and all whilst offering a competitive price.

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The properties

What makes lead so popular?

Lead is very effective in the fight against corrosion and thus, is used as a coating for metals that require added protection where durability is key, such as at the coast or in construction. 

Lead ore is processed to remove the high percent of lead by crushing the ore in a ball mill of 5-10-15-20- tons. When the lead ore has been reduced to a smaller mesh size, the other metals, elements and waste are removed by natural gravitation. 

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Our materials in pictures

Below are some examples of lead ore

Close-up of lead ore
Various bags filled with lead ore and a man holding one piece of lead to show camera
Close-up of large lead ore lump

Always guaranteed quality

The image above shows a close-up of a sample of lead ore. From the picture and markings, you can see the high-grade product that Minerals Trading International Ltd provides.

From our base to you

Once extracted, lead ore of varying sizes and grades is packed into bags of approx. 25kg each. These are stored locally before being transported from Reading to locations up and down the UK.

Offering value for money

Taken from our own stockpile, here is another example of the lead ore that we provide. As you can see, every piece is substantial, making our supply cost-effective.

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Request a quote

Should you wish to learn more about lead ore, our supply and processing methods or our delivery service, please contact us.

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